Why it’s Better to Put Your Money in Crypto and How to Do It

NYC, 5 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Transferring money can be difficult, especially if you’re doing it across borders or dealing with an institution that isn’t well-known or particularly trustworthy. However, there is a new way to handle these financial debacles easier than ever before. It’s called a money transfer app

One of these, an app known as Afriex not only allows you to transfer money to any part of the world, but it also gives you access to fiat currency.

This saves you time and any headache. That’s because you can deliver your funds digitally.

In fact, you can do it without having to go through banks or other institutions that might waste your time or even steal your money along the way.

What is a Money Transfer App?

Money transfer apps, such as Afriex, offer a variety of features for sending and receiving money.

People send money back home to their families in other countries via these apps, or they use them to receive money from coworkers or friends at their new place of employment.

If you want to start using crypto but don’t know where to begin with your finances, you can combine your desire to use cryptocurrency with your need for a good money transfer app.

There are many reasons why cryptocurrencies are advantageous to traditional currency.

This includes their speed, privacy, simplicity, security, and convenience.

The next step is figuring out how you can seamlessly move funds between dollars and crypto.

By connecting your bank account to a money transfer app,  you can easily convert dollars into cryptocurrency.

That means you can transfer funds from your bank account to your crypto wallet with just a few taps on your mobile device.

This is much easier than setting up an exchange account or figuring out how to move money using existing exchange platforms.

It also allows you to maintain control of your own funds by not giving them to any third parties in order to buy cryptocurrency or transfer it between exchanges and wallets.

Types of Money Transfer App Platforms

If you’re looking to move your money from a bank to crypto, you have a number of options.

Although apps such as TransferWise work well for personal transfers.

However, there are other platforms better suited for business applications.

Here are a few worth checking out:


Afriex is a blockchain-based money transfer system that allows for seamless and efficient international transactions.

Its goal is to take advantage of smart contracts and blockchain technology to disrupt traditional transfer systems like SWIFT or Western Union.


Akash is a cross-border payments solution that runs on blockchain technology.

The goal of Akash is to make it easy for users to move money across borders, even if those transfers go through multiple banks along the way.

Africa Cross Border Payment System

This is a network of banks, financial institutions, technology companies, and other entities that aims to improve money transfer services in Africa.

Although it’s technically centralized, it still operates on blockchain tech and relies on smart contracts for security.

There are a number of other platforms available. Of course, this all depends on your specific needs.

Some allow for currency conversion when sending funds. While others aim to help you manage currency exchanges when making international transfers.

Is Blockchain Safe?

Cryptocurrencies aren’t safe. They can be hacked or stolen or they could simply disappear for good (see: Mt. Gox).

However, they are still more secure than most other forms of currency (and moving money through a bank is only slightly safer).

If you’re looking to make sure your money is safe, it’s not a bad idea to start with crypto.

Even though you could lose your money by investing in crypto, blockchain is one of the most secure technologies out there.

By decentralizing everything, blockchain systems can’t be shut down or hacked.

If someone wanted to commit fraud on a blockchain network, they would have to successfully complete an attack against every single node connected to that network at once.

Not to mention, they’d have to do it all simultaneously. That’s not something any hacker is capable of doing.

The downside of blockchain’s security is that it can be slow.

Transactions can take anywhere from ten minutes to days (or even longer in some cases).

The only way to speed up transactions is to get more people using a network—which often requires investing in more hardware.

That’s part of why banks aren’t too keen on blockchain. They don’t want to spend money on upgrading their tech.

Reasons Why You Should Move Your Money to Crypto

In recent years, there has been a lot of hype surrounding cryptocurrencies. The meteoric rise in bitcoin value from $0.01 to over $20,000 has led to a significant amount of interest from traditional investors.

There is no doubt that many people have had success moving their money into cryptocurrency, but one thing is for sure – not everyone wins when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies.

There are a lot of reasons why you should transfer your money to crypto, but we will focus on just three major reasons:

  1. Cutting Out Middlemen
  2. Transparency
  3. Accessing Free Capital Through Airdrops No Middlemen: Moving your money to crypto is an easy way to cut out middlemen such as banks and payment processors.

When investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ether, there is no need for any third-party interference between you and where your money is going – once again eliminating middlemen from the process altogether by making it possible for peer-to-peer transactions.

Simple Steps on Getting Started

All it takes to start moving your money is a few minutes on your computer, phone, or tablet. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Download the Afriex app from Google PlayStore or iTunes
  • Connect with Facebook, Twitter, or your email
  • Create an account
  • Choose crypto that you wish to move funds into
  • Choose how much you want to transfer
  • Click transfer Pay 0% fees using XYZ Cash Reward Card

The process couldn’t be simpler!

Most of us know what we’re doing wrong when it comes to our personal finances. Not to mention, where we can find loopholes for optimizing savings.

One example of something most people struggle with is keeping track of rewards cards, bank accounts, and credit card bills.

In fact, one 2017 survey found that 78 percent of consumers wanted better budgeting tools from their banks.

That’s where Afriex comes in. They take all those services and streamline them into one platform. Their goal? To help everyone maximize savings via smart money management.

Final Word

Moving your money into cryptocurrency can be a daunting prospect.

Fortunately, there are several ways to do it!

Whether you’re looking to create a new blockchain or want to use a money transfer app, moving money into cryptocurrency is easier than ever. Learn how today!

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