Affluent And Black Offers Business and Mindset Podcasts To Educate The Black Community

Chicago, United States, 13 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIREAffluent and Black is actually created to level the playing field by giving people different resources and knowledge that the black community needs to develop legacies and build up generational wealth. We provide this information from different successful black people groups that are doing tremendous things to show that everything is possible. These people can do a lot more; just they need to see the living proof of it to begin the action. 

Podcasts And Movements

We are here to provide a lot of podcasts and movements to educate the black community on different ways to get themselves educated and look toward money differently. The only purpose of doing so is the financial aspect of living.

Moreover, there is a need for financial freedom to become successful in any business. The mindset should be addressed because the mindset is everything to achieve anything you want. We share various topics for promoting the mindset shift that offers you freedom in your life. You can also find everything related to the business & mindset podcast on our website.

Research About The Black Community

Different researches claim that among the 5 percent of Americans, the black people have only earned 60 percent of what other Americans have gained in the last 30 years, and those white families possess a net worth of about $356,900. They are 72nd percentile among the white families.

On the other hand, black families are ranking around the 95th percentile of their peers. Yet, if we talk about the wealth, it is more concentrated among the Blacks, and the top 10% of the black people hold 67 percent of the wealth held by all blacks.

Similarities And Dissimilarities Between The White And Black

If we talk about the similarities, you would be amazed to know that wealthy white and black families possess core similarities. Apart from the broader population, they are likely to get older, educated, married, retired, or run their own business.  

Hence, the difference between white and black families is their mindset and how they invest. The wealthy 5 percent of the black families own stocks, bonds, and financial assets in a very slight amount. They believe in owning some safer assets and cash equivalents, like saving accounts, life insurance, and CDs.

How Do We Help You?

The main motive of our website is to provide knowledge to the black community and make them change their mindset so that they begin investing in other items for getting the best outcome and becoming rich.

Another study made about the wealth of the black community claims that most Wealthy Black Americans have invested their majority of wealth in real estate. If we do not include primary residence, the wealthy black families possess 41 percent of their non-financial assets in the real estate compared to the 22 percent for the rich white families.

But, when a primary residence is added, the figure will rise to 57 percent for the great wealthy black families and the comparable 34 percent for the white families. 

The Last Words:

If the black community invests well, they can contribute a lot for themselves and the country. Nevertheless, we are here to guide the black community's people to make their lives better by earning a good amount of money and living a life just like the white community. It can be done by changing the mindset and through business podcasts.

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