Software development: which parameters to take into account?

San Francisco, CA, 13 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Discover the benefits of going through the tailor-made development of its software solutions or IT applications. What does software development involve and what are the parameters to consider:

The principle of software development

Software development refers to a process of building computer applications that are both reliable and efficient by relying more precisely on specific computer languages, such as HTML, Java, XML, SQL or PHP. We talk about software life cycle to designate the different stages in this process, from the design by a developer, until the end of the tool's life:

  • Needs assessment of the client company
  • Selection of technologies and architecture
  • Coding and development
  • Interoperability with existing software (if the customer wishes to improve an existing tool with external plug-ins)
  • Securing
  • Tests (unitary, integration, ramp-ups)
  • Rectification of any defects
  • Delivery and validation
  • Maintenance and upgrading

For this cycle to work as it should, the client company, unless it specializes in IT, must consider a long-term partnership with an IT service provider . The latter will represent its support and accompany it throughout the life cycle of its software.

Leverage software development to create a bespoke solution

It is indeed thanks to IT development that we can give life to custom software for his company , that is, an application tool specially developed according to the characteristics, processes, needs, manner of function, and requirements of that entity. Both unique and exclusive, it is designed to be used by the company that made it develop and no other.

He is opposed to standardized solutions which are accessible to the general public. A tailor-made software worthy of the name can thus be perfectly integrated into the company's information system . It will be able to communicate fluidly and efficiently with the other tools and applications that are part of this IS, which allows the company to harmonize it for increased performance.

What makes software development different from web development?

Although these two disciplines have similarities, particularly in terms of the methodologies used, they do not use the same languages. Software development, as already specified earlier, is based on the use of computer languages , while web development is a set of processes for writing a page or a website based on languages of Web programming.

In the first case, we create application tools that run on a computer, while in the second case, we develop websites: showcase, e-commerce, institutional, portal or blog. Note also that software development requires more resources in the execution of programs and is more complex than web development. In addition, depending on customer needs, software creation can sometimes require languages that are less widely used and more difficult to access.

What functionalities should be implemented in custom software?

Since we enjoy a certain freedom in the choice of functions to be implemented in our custom software, before deciding anything, we must first of all establish a specification in which we list the functionalities of which we really need. The goal is to avoid paying for those that are of no use and that risk weighing heavily in their budget, but also to ensure that the tool can best adapt to the needs of the company. .

In this case, it seems more appropriate to be accompanied by an experienced developer . The latter is in fact the best placed to guide the company in its choices and refine its specifications by taking various factors into consideration.

Anyway, so that the tailor-made software can support a business manager on a daily basis in the piloting, management, optimization and development of his entity, and allow his team to be more efficient, that - here can offer the following functions:

  • Accounting management
  • Business management
  • Logistics management
  • Marketing actions dashboard
  • Lead management module
  • Workflow de conversion
  • Dashboard de support client
  • Quotation and invoicing: creation, signature, numbering, sending and exporting of quotes / invoices, management of VAT and franchise rates, compliance according to the regulations in force
  • HR module : payroll, recruitment, training, expenses module
  • Shared agendas
  • Training module
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or customer relationship management platform
  • CAPM module (Computer Aided Production Management): optimization of production flow, raw material orders, stocks, production orders, production costs
  • BI (Business Intelligence) module : optimization of decisions and company performance
  • Supervision and reporting functions
  • Management Service (customer service)

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