CarbonLand Trust Launched The ESG NFTs

Sheridan, Wyoming, 7 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, There are high-quality and verifiable Carbon Removal Credits launched by the CarbonLand Trust as digital assets. The purpose of these carbon removal credits is to reduce the carbon credits from the forest land, which are kept for the reason of CO2 sequestration.

Our company has launched ESG NFTs that are best for removing the carbon dioxide from the forests so that the future generation can enjoy this beauty.

We are trying our best to provide unique outdoor experiences along with Carbon removal credits. Our latest launched ESG NTFs platform is an opportunity for landowners as they can easily conserve forests, and buyers are offered the highest quality of forest preserving credits.

Analysis Of Carbon Market:

In 2020, the Carbon credit marketplace has shown a growth of 20 percent that is $272 billion. However, it has increased the demand for carbon removal credits that are used for removing CO2 from the air.

There is a huge change observed in the carbon market nowadays, and it is influencing the price and demand. The majority of brands are attempting to become carbon neutral, and even some brands are trying to be carbon negative.

Different initiatives have been taken by the major and small brands for the removal of carbon dioxide. Companies like these have signed a contract for lowering the CO2 from the climate as it is harmful to the overall climate.

  • Race to Zero
  • The Climate Pledge
  • Crypto Climate Accord

Various pieces of research show that by 2030, one trillion trees will be grown and restored worldwide. Hence, not only brands but people are also taking part actively in the voluntary carbon markets as they are seriously concerned about the carbon removal credits.

First Batch Of ESG NFTs:

40 acres are being used in the first batch of ESG NFTs launched by our company for pilot projects so that the MRV framework can be assessed for Measuring, Verifying, and Reporting all of the projects utilizing the Satellite, Drone, and In-person visits. 

When all of the stages of the pilot project that is the MRV process will be finished, Carbon Removal Credits through our platform will be available to forest owners all over the world.  Our company is providing regenerative stewardship protocol for the landowners who want to conserve forests by using the CO2 Removal Bonds.

Certificates For CO2 Removal Bonds:

There are some legal requirements for the CO2 Removal Bonds and the Forest Conservation Certificates that are being issued by the CarbonLand Trust platform. This certificate is issued to the landowners who are fulfilling the practices of conserving trees and protecting them from logging permanently. 

Boone Bergsma, The Founder Of CarbonLand Trust said, “ Our company is striving to provide ESG NFTs on the new Energy Web Chain that is generally working by renewable energy 100 percent and requires low transaction fees. Furthermore, we are going to launch CarbonSwap so that the lowest carbon footprint can be obtained along with the whole life cycle of CarbonLand services and products.”

The Final Words:

CarbonLand Trust rages the Green Sea by the launch of the latest CarbonLand Trust collection. The ESG NFTs project has also won hearts. Each of our NFTs is best for representing real carbon removal credits related to the real owned forest land that is mainly conserved to sequester CO2.

Institutions and people who are looking forward to decreasing their carbon footprint can now attain these CO2 bonds for their sustainable targets. Reducing the carbon dioxide from the climate will make the environment clean.

Contact info:

CarbonLand Trust

Boone Bergsma

[email protected]

Address: Blockchain Laboratories LLC
1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801


2021/09/08 00:38

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