The Baller News Phenomenon

Miami, Florida, 11 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Sometimes new interesting pages on instagram specifically in the entertainment/rap space pop up. There are a few big pages, a lot of similar smaller pages with also similar content, and every once in a while something kinda new pops up. A kind of twist on and innovation of the normal recipe. 

Think of it as a new pizza that gets sold at pizza places. The basic ingredients are the same; dough, tomato sauce etc. However, some new ingredients and toppings have been added which make the "new" pizza fun and exciting. Nice analogy right? 

That new "pizza" is Baller News or BallerNewsCo on instagram. A twist on the normal or commonly seen hip-hop/rap or luxury pages on the social media platform. It features successful people from many industries such as showbiz, rap, the business world, and instagram influencers in general "balling out of control". 

You see videos and reels of certain influencers partying in Malibu, business gurus driving in their Lamborghinis or Rolls-Royces, and famous DJs like Steve Aoki hanging out with instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian.

The content seems fresh, It's not always the same week in and week out. Every week a selection of posts get uploaded with fresh, new, and entertaining content.

The instagram page also has a very premium feel. The name, look, and logo are very carefully chosen. Most videos and pictures are very high definition and crisp looking. Average looking posts and videos are not posted on this page.

There are also the occasional influencers and celebs that like or comment on the posts of Baller News, which is interesting.

Another aspect which also needs to be mentioned is the nice community that is part of the Baller News ecosystem. People that are genuine and enthusiastic about the content.

Who knew that everybody wants to live "the good life" right? If not actually living it then at least living vicariously through the pictures and visuals that are posted on BallerNewsCo.

If after reading all of this you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out the page for yourself and see if you also enjoy the content.

You can find them at

Media details:

Email: [email protected]
Address: Miami, Florida
Phone: +17866736832


2021/09/11 23:32

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