5 Effective Tips On How to Choose the Right VPN for Your Business

St. Louis, MO, 17 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Security breaches and illegal access to enterprise data continue to be major problems for businesses. Due to the rising number of cyberattacks, it is the hour of need to protect your company’s important data from the number of cyberattacks.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become so common these days. We don’t deny the fact that having a remote job is definitely a cost-effective solution, but it also lacks security. Remote employees access the internet through an insecure network, or through public wifi that is riskier. But we have a simple solution to all that security problems. And that is a secure VPN. According to our survey, 68% of companies have started using VPNs to secure their data.

VPN – Virtual Private Network acts as a security intermediary that encrypts data flows between your employee device and the internet, resulting in secured corporate data. VPN conceals every activity that you perform via the internet so that no cybercriminal can monitor it. This security intermediary hides the IP address of the employee device and encrypts their connections. With VPN, employees can access the internet through an encrypted VPN network. But before integrating a VPN into your network, you should know how to choose the right VPN for your business.

VPNBrains guides users on how to choose the right VPN. VPNBrains tries to provide users with only the most authentic, impartial evaluations. VPNBrains aims to make its suggestions and evaluations as helpful and seamless as possible in order to cater to the requirements of users 

Let’s blow the lid off from the five effective tips for choosing the right VPN for securing your business.

1. Say No to Free VPNs

Free VPNs are not good for your businesses as they’re very slow and untrustworthy that can badly affect your business. It's quite simple to locate a free service, and signing up for one may be appealing for organizations on a limited budget, but it can result in potential losses. That’s why we recommend using a subscription-based business VPN that would be reliable and secures your company’s crucial data for years.

Note: We advise you to choose an annual subscription plan instead of a monthly package. Many VPN providers offer cashback and discounts for choosing annual services.

2. Install The VPN Into A Router

It is critical that every person in your organization has access to your VPN. It guarantees that all data received and transmitted by your organization is secured and encrypted from being stolen. Instead of setting up VPN software on a single device, configure your corporate VPN account in your office router. This will protect all the devices. It also prevents employees from inadvertently deactivating the private network by messing with the internet settings on their work computers. Because not all routers allow VPNs, it's critical to check that the one you're using supports this configuration. Otherwise, you have to activate all the devices that employees use.

4. Use A Mobile Client

Public Wi-Fi networks are incredibly useful since they allow employees to work while in public places. They are, however, extremely insecure and the cybercriminal can easily access a public network and can steal a company’s crucial data resulting in a data breach.

Along with data breaches, the expenses of a data breach may be crippling, since they may include penalties from authorities, IT-related fees, and a drop in your client base as they shift their business to more trustworthy sources.

Therefore, search for VPN providers that provide mobile clients to secure employees wherever they are. Mobile clients protect data by encrypting it while transmitting or receiving. All you have to do is to train your employees to activate the mobile VPN client on the devices that they use for doing their official work.

 4. Save Battery Life

A business VPN undoubtedly secures your data and keeps it safe from being stolen. But, a business VPN leverages encryption techniques for securing your data. Encryption consumes a lot of battery of the device, as it is a resource-intensive process that certainly prevents employees from being productive.  Obviously, this is a big barrier to your workers' capacity to be high-yielding when they're not at work.

VPNBrains provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to make the best choices. There are numerous approaches you may take to reduce the resources required to encrypt data. One option is to allow employees to use the VPN only when transferring sensitive data. However, there is a considerable danger of human mistakes with this approach. Alternatively, you can modify battery settings and switch on power saves to save the battery and enable the employees to work efficiently.

5. Turn On the Kill switch

Sometimes, it happens that the connection with VPN breaks for some reason which results in leaving the data open and accessible, or susceptible to being stolen. That’s why it is our recommendation to search for a VPN that has a Kill Switch incorporated in the VPN. Kill Switch can identify if the connection is disrupted and prevents data from transmitting insecurely. Additionally, always make sure that it is turned on in the settings because it is turned off by default.

VPNBrains suggests ExpressVPN as it is fast, recognized, reliable, and sure.

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