Uprise traders, bringing together like minded individuals seeking to take control of their financial future

Announcing their new members-only discord community.

NYC, USA, 13 Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, UpRise Traders' discord community is targeted to everyday individuals seeking to take control of their financial future.

A lot of people both young and old want to take control of their financial future but don't know where or how to get started. They lack the basic fundamental financial knowledge to invest and actively trade in the financial markets to generate profits and start making their capital work for them. UpRise Traders brings together people of all experience levels and actively provides insights and opens all members eyes to potential opportunities both short term and long term in the stock market, options market, and cryptocurrencies market.

Individuals who sign up to be a part of our Discord group, gain access to multiple A.I driven option flow bots, earnings analyses, daily watchlists and all kinds of other stuff that helps people grasp technical and fundamental analysis, says the founder.

The organization has expanded to 500 subscribers and 8 full-time staff since its inception in early 2021. The team is compromised of veteran traders and analysts with decades of active trading and investing experience which makes our community unlike any other. Gavin Solomon, the founder of UpRise Traders, was first delivering free education on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok after earning nearly $500,000 in his best year trading part-time in college, but after some encouragement from friends, he decided to expand his insights and create a platform to mentor those who were seeking a mentor with legitimate experience and who was accessible during and after market hours. The community is a fun atmosphere with obviously profit as the main objective but there are some great networking opportunities and just friendly chat about daily life and members interests on a day-to-day basis.


UpRise Traders

Gavin Solomon



Email:[email protected]

Address:New York

2021/12/13 13:38

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