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Limassol, Cyprus, 18 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, IC broker is an international chamber broker platform that provides forex CFD trading solutions. With cutting-edge trading platforms, low latency in connectivity, and superior liquidity, IC broker guarantees its investors profitable returns. The primary goal of IC brokers is to provide a transparent trading environment that allows investors to have more knowledge about the trades and focus more efficiently. The raw spreads in the platform have 0.0 pips and do not practice any requotes, price manipulation, and restrictions.

IC broker platform offers crypto miners exceptional benefits. If a miner is mining for Bitcoin and another miner is also mining for the same crypto coin, they have a chance to compete and solve complex math problems. Whoever solves this math problem gets to move to the next box and is rewarded for their work in IC broker. IC broker is also one of the leading staking service providers for blockchain projects.

In this platform, a staker can stake their assets to validate a new block. The platform monitors the block, and if the block is illegitimate, Built-in AI will slash the staked amount. But, If legitimate, the staker gets back his assets with additional rewards from the network. These kinds of additional features help both miners and stakers be more profitable in their work. Another essential feature of the platform is that it does not take any commission fee for investors’ transactions. They provide instant deposits and fast withdrawals making users more satisfied.

IC brokers also provide institutional-grade liquidity. Whether crypto mining for currencies like Bitcoin or trading stakes, the platform provides diverse interbank liquidity consisting of more than fifty liquidity sources. The best feature is that the platform does not recycle liquidity for reduced slippage.

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