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New York, NY, 13 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, One of the most important aspects of any business is their online presence and marketing strategy. There are a lot of tools out there to help you with this, but it can be difficult to find the right one for your specific needs. This blog post showcases some popular SaaS tools used by some experts in the industry that will make running your online business easier and more profitable.

1. CocoSign

 CocoSign is a secure e-signing service provider that helps businesses automate their paperwork process with an easy-to-use electronic signature platform. It allows users to finalize paperwork with esign while also boosting their productivity.

CocoSign allows users to sign documents online, saving costs in paper printing and delivery. It also makes finalizing deals much faster with the help of its seamless document management system and in-person signing feature. It is very convenient because once the document is prepared, and the signature field is inserted, the users can append their encrypted and secured signatures digitally even while traveling.

A prominent feature of CocoSign is its audit trail which includes details like name, email id, and IP address. This guarantees the legal validity of the signing activity.

The next feature of CocoSign that has helped me a lot was bulk sending for signatures. Like I can import a contact list and send the document to the people in the list for signing.

The platform also allows me to save commonly used documents as a template for frequent signing needs. I can also control the signature sequence, defining who needs to sign first and next among my recipients, which is very favorable. Some of my colleagues also use it as a boon to track the status of their clients’ signatures. 

Coca Sign has a storage system that can store documents securely until they auto-expire. The data can also be exported to a different location after the specified period or deleted entirely from the device’s storage. CocoSign also delivers email alerts when the file is opened, filled, or signed so I can stay on top of all paperwork with ease.

To conclude, CocoSign is an asset to businesses of all scales to go paperless and green.

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2. Invideo 

InVideo is an online video creating and editing software tool designed for beginners and non-professionals to make their videos more mature and rich. Its applicability extends from marketing agencies to educational institutions as well as news agencies. InVideo provides users with a platform where they can create short videos for advertisement, training and other corporate purposes. It is an affordable option for business owners who are attempting to design their social media pages and create an intro for YouTube channels with promotional and interactive videos to reach the masses all over the world.

InVideo offers 4000+ templates that can be customized according to your requirements along with an asset library full of interesting elements like stickers, CTAs, stock images, stock video clips and overlays. It has an automated guide bot that would help users navigate through the tool when they sign up for the first time. InVideo is attempting to create a new-age video marketing wave where entrepreneurs can have a common ground to initiate and carry out their promotional activities online.

Podcasts, Instagram video posts, YouTube tutorials and many other professional aids are provided by InVideo’s online video editor for free. The tool even provides you personal guidance to understand the usage and optimization of videos in the field of marketing. It is designed keeping with an aim to encourage businesses to establish themselves online and use the digital space to catch the attention of potential buyers and investors.

InVideo has grown with 1.5M+ users from 190+ countries blending simplicity with professionalism and giving you the space to create your own market straight within your browser.

3. Klaviyo 

Suppose you're even thinking about starting an e-commerce business. In that case, I believe that email marketing should be one of the very first channels you should be focusing on to maximize your marketing budget. My #1 recommendation for an ESP is Klaviyo – hands down. 

Utilizing email marketing through Klaviyo to connect, delight, and retain your customers can be your golden safety net while all other marketing trends come and go. There are several benefits, including low cost compared to most marketing tools, personalization, and targeting. If jumping in with two feet to an entire email system with flows and campaign newsletters seems like a lot, think instead about scaling. Starting with a Welcome Series to engage new users and an Abandoned Cart Series to re-engage potential customers is a great foundation. As your list continues to grow, you can then add on to drill down and engage with specific customer segments based on their behaviors.

The future of marketing is personalization instead of the spray and pray method. With Klaviyo, you're able to segment your customer lists for those behaviors and serve them up personalized communications, so they only get the messaging that pertains to them. Have a set of customers that engage with a certain group of your products over any others? You can easily cut out the noise and give them only what they want – and they'll thank you for it.

One of the top questions I receive when it comes to marketing e-commerce brands is how do I stack up against my competitors? That's where Klaviyo's benchmarking tool wins. You can easily benchmark for your industry to compare how your messaging is landing on an ongoing basis. You'll be able to provide accurate and true ROI data for your management team with the quick snapshots that Klaviyo's dashboard gives you, making your job a lot easier.

Dawn Halpin, Founder of Wandertopia, a Brand & Marketing Strategy Agency, provides the following expertise.

4. Semrush 

SEMRush is a software for researching, SEO and digital marketing.

1) SEMRush provides a greater and bigger set of useful features For e.g. the keywords search for long-tail, low-competition keywords is very easier and detailed. Similarly the amount of information you get on doing a competition research on SEMRush is really amazing.

2) SEMRush also seems to be consistently updating and improving the software. SEMRush offers better features, and workflows as time progresses.

3) SEMRush regularly provides great training and learning resources. The quality as well as quantity of SEMRush is amazing. It is easy to find a good training resource for almost every topic from SEMRush, explaining how to use the tool. And we found SEMRush's customer support also more knowledgeable and helpful.

Ultimately it is a business's individual needs, but somehow SEMRush suited us extremely well, and delivered excellent results.

Saurabh Jindal


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5. Nifty

Nifty is an all in one workflow automation platform enabling teams to work seamlessly and collaborate together by automating more of their day to day workflow processes.  Nifty’s core features include resource management, milestones, tasks management, team messaging, docs and file management. Nifty is an excellent tool for client management as well, between shareable links on gantt charts and the ability to invite as many clients or guests into a workspace make Nifty the perfect solution for a myriad of workflows.

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