How to Interview a Realtor When Selling a Home

NYC, 14 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, If you are selling your home in the Garden State, you may be stuck in a dilemma on how to pick the best realtor. There are many real estate agents in new jersey, but they are not created equal. With so many options to pick from, it can indeed be overwhelming to sign up with just one. You may even be tempted to try selling solo.

But hold your horses because though realtors are not required to sell a home, you cannot deny their value. Those who choose to sell their property with a real estate agent can command more and expect a faster turnaround. Definitely, the positive results of working with a realtor outweigh the costs. Hence, it’s no wonder why many sellers choose to sell their homes with a real estate agent.

If you are ready to sell your home, looking for reputable real estate agents in New Jersey should be your priority. After researching different websites and reading reviews, you may have narrowed your prospect list. Don’t commit yourself to one too early but arrange for an in-person meeting first. This will help you get the right candidate. Here’s how you can interview a realtor to find the best selling agent:

Find Out About the Realtor’s Training and Background

With so many real estate agents in New Jersey, the goal is to find one that proves trustworthy and provides an amazing experience. You can do that by researching their background. Find out the following information:

  • Do you possess a license in New Jersey?
  • Can you share your education and training?
  • What tests have you passed?
  • Do you have any industry affiliations?
  • Do you work as an independent contractor, or are you part of a brokerage firm?

Association with the NAR or National Real Estate Association plus other credentials offers peace of mind that you’re working with a serious professional. Besides, if you meet someone who is a real estate broker, this means you have access to someone with a higher level of training. Brokers are the leaders who have the power to supervise ordinary real estate agents.

Discuss Details on the Agent’s Professional Experience

You will find many real estate agents in New Jersey, but they all handle their business differently. Thus, getting to know the person matters because you want your home to sell fast and at the best price. Now is the time to verify the data you’ve gathered from researching their website and other places on the net. You can ask for the following info:

  • How long have you been working in residential real estate?
  • Can you state your track record in selling a home that looks like mine?
  • Do you have a good grasp of my home’s geographic area?
  • Can you show me data on the homes you’ve sold for the past six months?
  • How familiar are you with my area?

Find someone with at least three years in the industry. Most of all, you want to work with an agent that can deliver results with the kind of property you own. To illustrate, an agent who has sold ten contemporary homes in a new subdivision may not be the best match for your old turn-of-the-century Tudor house.

Verify the Agent’s Suggested Price for Your House

Professional real estate agents in New Jersey will come to your meeting armed with proof. After all, their selling prowess will only be visible in terms of their actual sales. Apart from impressing you with their actual results, they will come to your meeting armed with a CMA. This comparable market analysis will compare homes similar to yours in terms of:

  • Size
  • House location
  • Amenities
  • Recent upgrades

These homes have either been sold within the past three months or those still on the market. This report should also include comparable houses that were listed but did not sell. The listing could have expired because no one bought the house for the aesthetics or the price. The realtor can offer you the most competitive pricing to get a list price that converts into a sale with all this data.

Find Out Details About the Agent’s Planned Marketing Campaigns

How do you plan to market my home? This is one of the most important questions you ask your prospective real estate agents in New Jersey. After all, as the wise adage says: failing to plan is planning to fail. Thus, you must find out what the realtor plans to make your house shine in a competitive market.

It is vital to show off your house well and get the attention of buyers who are actively seeking a new home. Ask about past strategies and how successful they were. For example, the agent can perform the following:

  • Open houses
  • Ads in local newspapers
  • Online listings
  • Virtual tours
  • Online bookings
  • Social media organic postings
  • Paid or sponsored posts

Ask the agent which among these strategies will work for you. Find out the rationale behind each move and why the agent believes it will work in selling your house fast.

Seek a List of References that You Can Contact

Ask the agent how many other clients he or she is working with right now. This matters immensely because you don’t want an overloaded agent who’s spread too thin. But, on the other hand, you want ample attention and time to ensure your property gets promoted well.

Most of all, ask for referrals from current and past clients who don’t mind talking to you. Then, take the time to actually call the people to determine how well they enjoyed working with the agent. Ask about issues and other relevant things you want to be clarified. This is the best way to get to know the agent.

Stay Forthright About the Commission

Finally, speak frankly about the commission, which generally falls between 5% to 5% of the selling price. This is then split between the seller’s and buyer’s agent. This could also vary depending on factors you spoke about beforehand.

Be sure to get things in black and white before signing up with any realtor in New Jersey. You must consider the above factors before making a final decision. After speaking with several agents, your gut will usually kick in. If you feel that the agent fails in communicating and looks distracted with calls during the meeting, it would be best to look elsewhere. You want a responsive, organized, trustworthy, and detail-oriented person as your ally.

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