Emerging NFT Projects Paving the Way for Music Communities on the Blockchain

NY, USA, 4th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, First there was the 8 bit Crypto Punks, then we had some apes looking bored (BAYC). But if you listen closely, you can hear the build up of the music-centric NFT volcano about to erupt. 

And although it hasn’t become mainstream yet doesn’t mean there aren’t solid projects leading the charge. If you have been looking to get in early on something NFT related, continue reading.

This is not financial advice and we do suggest doing your own research before investing your money.

#1 CryptAxx

Who? This project came out of nowhere. Everyone says the NFT space moves quickly, but two weeks ago was just the beginning of their awareness campaign. At the time of writing, they have already grown their twitter from 0 to 6000+ followers and 400+ discord members.

And they aren’t even minting for their whitelist until December 18, 2021.

What makes CryptAxx unique is that they use generative and 1 of 1 art to create 10,000 unique guitars with riffs over the top. 4 different rarities with 500+ traits range from classic styles, to rockers, legends, and only ten mythics. When minting an Axx, you will get unique art and sounds in your NFT. 

But what they are doing for their community is what we will begin seeing a lot more of in the future. They are focused on bringing exclusive memberships to their holders which will incentivize them to make money over time without selling their Axx, as well as cultivate a strong musician and fan based community for all to enjoy.

One of the founders, a former musician going by the name of “Cousin Eddie'' reports that artists have shouldered the burden within the music industry for a long time. Artists are taken advantage of and fans feel disconnected. They want to make sure CryptAxx makes music fun again for anyone who is a part of this community, says the team.

To learn more about this project and how to get an invite into their community, visit their website.

#2 Crypto Rich

Crypto Rich by artist Dyl has made his album available to purchase and own on the blockchain. This is a new concept for the space as a whole, and it takes only a moment to digest how it works for the artist and his fans. 

Dyl decided to sell 1 of 1 NFTs of songs from his Crypto Rich album earlier in the year. But owning one of his rare songs is not the only thing you receive as a benefit. He has mapped out his NFT in a thoughtful way ensuring that the price point is set to deliver value back to his supporters consistently. 

Some benefits he offers includes airdropped trading cards which holders can make money from, lifetime tickets to his concerts, merch, and even a music video once his NFT sells. He also sets personal time aside to have a monthly meeting with each of his holders.

On Twitter, Dyl has shared that one of the most important elements around music NFTs is that it gives the artist 100% control over their music. For those early in this space, artists are seeing Dyl as a leader who can see the forest through the trees, and introducing hope to musicians and fans who may have a bad taste in their mouth from prior experiences in the music industry.

To learn more about music NFTs from the artists’ standpoint, be sure to follow Dyl on Twitter, handle @famous_dyl, where he hosts 3 Spaces a week to educate newcomers in the music NFT world. 

#3 Pix Tapes

This project is bringing a little bit of retro into the web3 world. And everyone loves it. 

The concept behind PixTapes is around collectible cassette tape generative art featuring iconic songs of the past. But owning this NFT brings you power to suggest music to be added to a PixTape, which means that song title and artist will live forever on the blockchain and available for ownership. 

For music fans and fans of nostalgia alike, this free to mint SOLANA NFT can be considered a special collectible or trading card that can really resonate with its owners on an intimate level. 

Want to discover more about PixTapes or get one for yourself, be sure to visit their website designed to look like the early internet days, but luckily without the lag. 

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