Mad Cow NFT Announces the Upgradable Onchain Pixel NFT and Mad Cow Vx NFT

Bali, Indonesia, 24th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Mad Cow NFT, a new company on the NFT scene are looking to revamp the industry using the Upgradable OnChain Pixel NFT. 

MadCow is an exciting, interactive game in which users can make in-game wagers, utilize NFTs for gameplay, and win prizes. 

MadCow is a gamified yield grooming dApp which brings a totally new experience to its users. MadCow expands on this by adding upgrading traits elements including; black fill syringe, rainbow halo, and golden chain to massively increase community.

MadCow is a unique, interactive game in which various users will make their cow the rarest by collecting all the accessories of mad cow before anyone else and create an inner-circle based on traits and make it the strongest force in the Mad Cow verse.

Entering MadCow

Upon entering MadCow, users are allowed to choose MadCow of their choice with no pre-defined rarity, so they have to make their cow the rarest by upgrading the Mad Cow's accessories by burning $MOO obtained by staking the cow. This enables them to be a member of inner circles.

Boosting Power

Beyond the Pixel World:

Mad Cow VX NFT and Mad Party in Bali

Participants add extra strength to their cows when the Majority of Mad Cows collects all the accessories, the mad cows advance to the voxel-world.

Voxelized Mad Cow NFT, so-called "Mad Cow VX NFT," is 6,969 hand-made voxel young mad cow arts collection. By the breeding functions, 3,333 NFTs will be distributed to Mad Cow NFT holders.

And the rest 3,636 will be distributed by the public sale at the price of 0.074ETH.

Mad Cow VX NFT is not only the fine art but also the ticket to join the real-world mad cow verse.

As a first step, the first mad party will be held in OMNIA Dayclub Bali on Dec 28 (can be re-arranged by covid layoff reasons)



MadCow will be raffling off a Porsche 718 Boxster($100,000) on Nov 30.

Join their Discord via for roadmaps, events, and more information.

MadCow was created with the main purpose of entertaining the community by enabling interaction between the users in the discord group channel. Users can discuss their wagers, strategies, and more. MadCow will add a new dimension to gamification, allowing further room for positive and constructive interaction within the community.

Media contact:

Email: [email protected]
Ph. no :3039432173
Address: Bali, Indonesia

2021/11/24 12:24

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