What Should You Do if You Have not Passed the CCIE Test?

FuZhou, China, 1 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Because of the high social recognition of CCIE exam, it will be more difficult, so there may be a written test can not pass the situation. So, if you have participated in CCIE's written test, but unfortunately, the written test has not passed, what should you do?

First of all, let's understand the interval and validity of the written examination. There is no limit to the number of written examination. If the written examination is passed, it needs 180 days to take the written examination again. If the written examination is not passed, it needs 15 days to take the examination again. In other words, if you fail the CCIE written test this time, you can sign up for the test again 15 days later.

If you pass the CCIE written test, you must take the first CCIE laboratory test within 18 months after passing the CCIE written test. If the examinee fails to pass the laboratory test within three years after passing the CCIE written test, you need to take and pass the written test again to obtain the qualification of re registration laboratory test.

In other words, if CCIE has not passed the written test, candidates can take the test again 15 days later until they have passed the test. However, after passing the test, they need to pay attention to the validity of the written test results.

In addition to the failure of the written examination and the expiration of the written test results, there is also a reason for the re certification of Cisco certification.

Re certification is the skill update of the certificate holder confirmed by the examination. After passing the re certification test, the candidate will obtain a new certificate and his personal information in the Cisco professional certification tracking system will be updated. Generally speaking, enterprises bidding projects require certain qualifications, such as how many CCNA certified engineers, CCNP certified engineers and CCIE certified engineers. These certificates are required to be valid. Enterprises usually pay for engineers to re - certify.

For example, CCNA re certification is to test CCNA certification again; The rule of CCNP re certification is that before taking the CCNP examination, you must pass the CCNA examination and the certificate of CCNA cannot be expired, otherwise you will not have the certificate of CCNA and the certificate of CCNP! CCNP certification is valid for three years. In case of re certification, you must pass any one of the three subjects in the CCNP grade examination within the validity period of the certificate, or pass the existing CCIE written examination.

In addition to CCIE re certification, in three years through CCIE certification, test any CCIE written examination can. If more than three years, you need to take CCIE LAB.

However, no matter the rules of re certification or written examination will be changed after Cisco updates next year. NP written examination and IE written examination are the same subject. If you win NP / ie written examination, you can choose to take lab directly to become CCIE or refer to an optional examination to become CCNP, so the examination is more flexible.

Choosing a training institution with professional skills can ensure the pass rate of written test. In SPOTO, CCIE's written test pass rate is 100%. As long as you follow SPOTO to study carefully, you don't need to worry about the problem that the written test will not pass.

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