UK Meds - Surpassing the Online Pharmacies of the Midlands

Nottingham, England, 25th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The Midlands region has been a hub of many pharmacies that have made their mark in the online prescription and procurement systems. The businesses in the big counties like Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, and Coventry are soaring due to the advanced pharmaceutical delivery systems that have been in line with the overall UK health initiatives. One such pharmacy is UK Meds in Nottingham that has earned the title of “the fastest growing family business” in the family business awards, 2019.

The company started as a small family business in 2016 that expanded as an online pharmacy business in a short time. UK Meds have been delivering pharmaceuticals to all over the country with effective delivery systems. According to its official website, the company has more than 200,000 customers to date. 

How is the company cutting above the rest? 

The company is based on a close-knit system of partners and stakeholders. It makes it a “family” business that works on a friendly and hard-working structure of the delivery system. Moreover, the brand has moved ahead in many aspects of expansion such as in the sports industry and emergency response systems. The example of the ongoing COVID-19 can be mentioned here. The rise in demand for masks and hand sanitizers has increased by 1000% and 8000%, respectively! This is, undoubtedly, a huge achievement for the company.

In comparison to other pharmacies in Nottingham, UK Meds has made a prominent impression for swift delivery service. Since the sales have surged amidst COVID-19, therefore, the company has advanced its delivery systems and customer care services to stay in touch with the most vulnerable areas. This has also been acknowledged by the National Health Service (NHS) and thus served as a star on the shoulder of the company.

Another reason for being unique among the rest of the pharmacies is that the company doesn’t work on the corporate styled structure. It is more inclusive and involves a friendly team-work environment that considers the safety and mental health of all its team members as well. Considering the overall work stress ratio in the country, UK Meds makes sure to provide a healthy and lively atmosphere that involves mental and physical stress-relieving activities. These activities also strengthen the team’s professional bond.

Company’s financial turnover since its inception

The brand was able to achieve more than expected in the very first year - 2016. The sales went to £4 million in the next year, £7.2 million in 2018, and till 2019 the turnover reached to more than £12 million. It is expected to surpass this limit by June 2020, due to the rising demand amidst COVID-19. This increased in turnover was due to the advanced AI and biometric facial identity checks and large over-the-product range.

The company employed this advanced system by partnering with Onfido – a global identity verification provider. Onfido has also been working with the company for the financial management systems. According to the company’s Director and co-founder Jason Soiza, "Onfido's facial biometrics technology takes our safety checks one step further.”

The new system required customers to complete a condition-based online consultation form which is later assessed by the team of professionals i.e. a licensed prescribing GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) registered pharmacist, to prescribe the medicines accordingly. This is an alternative way of managing the in-going demand in healthcare products. Hence, the company has invested much since 2017 in advanced systems to make the brand a step ahead in the pharmaceutical business.

The most striking partnership has been recently announced to be with Stratis – a UK-based blockchain firm. According to the statistics, the company handles almost 3000 to 4000 patients per day. Hence, with the blockchain system, patients’ data security and financial handling can be safeguarded and made further strengthening.

Future prospects

Being established in the UK as a strong and innovative online pharmacy, the company works as a trend-setter in terms of service and delivery. Many other local pharmaceutical companies have been overwhelmed by the steady growth of UK Meds due to the commitment of the owners and the hard-working team members that focus on advanced procurement and service delivery systems. This is the reason that the company intends to expand its business across other continents by partnering with bigger brands. Hence, the brand seeks to expand its reach beyond borders and achieve more in the online pharmaceutical field that makes them distinguished from the top brands.

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