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Beverly Hills, California, 5 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, British-Indian actress Demi Mann, is passionate and gives a lot of thought to giving back to causes that are important to her. As an avid animal lover, she has helped with a charity for horses. When it comes to fighting for diversity and equality in media, Demi Mann has hosted events to promote diversity in Hollywood and call for more opportunities for women in the industry. Through the Living Through Giving Foundation, she worked to help with #HashtagLunchbag. And finally, Demi Mann worked with THE PLUS ME PROJECT non-profit that assists educators, students, and parents with various aspects of education and career support for students.

When Demi Mann found herself looking to help and support the causes she cares about most, she found a charity called Help for Horses. “I love animals, especially horses and dogs. When I heard about that charity I signed up to work as a volunteer. The horses there had been treated really badly and had been through a lot. This charity helps them get back from that and live a happy life where they are cared for. It was really interesting learning so much about horses and working with them. We cleaned them and their living areas and fed them. Horses pick up your energy fast so it’s best to be calm and relaxed around them. Horses are extremely sensitive to body language. They pick up signals that are far too subtle for human senses, and communicate on levels that may not be telepathy per se, but by our standards, it might as well be. Horses are smart, intelligent animals. There were different types of horses sired from a horse called Prince to Stallion Jesse. They were wonderful. It was such an amazing experience,” Demi said, remembering fondly. 

Demi Mann also used to help prepare and serve food at her local gurdwara (Sikh Temple) kitchen, when she was a kid growing up, “it was a very humbling down to earth, happy experience” she says.

Demi Mann’s volunteering experience also included hosting an event called Hollywood Chills Entertainment Summit and Fundraiser in Hollywood, for women and diversity in Film and television. Guests included casting director David Rappaport, who has casted for popular television series, Supergirl and Riverdale, Sheila Walcott, a production executive at Warner Brothers, Rohit Kumar, the writer for the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, Amy Suh,  the Executive Director of Drama Development at Sony Pictures Television, and many more. “It was fun introducing everyone and getting to know all these wonderful people and for such great causes. A portion of ticket sales or conference proceeds supported the efforts of #HashtagLunchbag from the charity, Living Through Giving Foundation. #HashtagLunchbag is a humanity service movement dedicated to empowering and inspiring humanity to reap the benefits of giving through the use of social media. They create and use bagged lunches, complete with love messages, as a vessel to spread this love and share experiences and inspire others,” Demi explains.

More of Demi Mann’s humanitarian efforts include THE PLUS ME PROJECT, a non-profit that helps educators develop their own personal narratives and discover ways to support their students with articulating their own stories, supports parents with crafting their own personal narratives and discovering ways to connect with their own children through story, and inspires and encourages students to develop their own personal narratives for college and career advancement. To date, they have impacted over 55,000 students throughout Southern California.

Even with Demi Mann’s busy schedule as an actress in movies & television playing diverse roles, she makes the time to help out those in need, supporting causes that are important and rallying others to join and support. Her dedication to making the world a better place for people and animals is inspiring, encouraging, and noble.

Demi Mann is a British Indian Sikh movie & television actress based out of Los Angeles, CA. You can find her on IMDb and Instagram where she has over 141K followers.

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