How to Store Kayak Outside in Winter

Jharkhand. India, 7 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Do you own a kayak but do you not have a proper way to store it? We understand how difficult it can get to keep them and especially during the winter. During winter, there is no possibility of even going fishing or kayaking as all your lakes and ponds are frozen. So we wrote this article to help you store your kayak safely during winter. Here is How to Store Kayak Outside in Winter.

How to Store Kayak Outside in Winter :

Winters can be really harsh on your kayak as the weather causes more cracks or worsens the existing gaps. As the thawing and freezing process that happens during the winter will cause the top layer to crack.

Sometimes a night of heavy snowfall can even cause your kayak to bend or go out of shape because of all the pressure. An out shape kayak can also be dangerous for you to use once the weather gets better as boats are all about accurate structure to stay afloat. If you are having an old kayak that has gone out of shape and is unusable, you might consider getting a new kayak from the Black Friday Kayak Deals.

There are many things you need to consider before you store your kayak, and here are some tips to keep them safe while you store it:

  • If you are storing it outdoors, you do not need any extra hanging equipment, as you only need universal foam blocks to protect it. Carefully space apart from each other (approximately six to eight feet apart) and let your kayak lean in a way that the side is against the wall.
  • Often kayaks have some cracks, especially if they are a few years old, so you must cover these cracks as in winter they may be some residue water from one of your adventures that will freeze and damage your boat more. So, always cover the cracks.
  • During winter, many animals are in search of a warm place, so they may find a cozy spot in your kayak. As cruel as this would sound, you have to keep your kayak elevated to protect your boat from animals.

They have sharp claws and acidic urine that will ruin your kayak for the next season, so you should keep them away.

  • Each type of kayak needs to be stored differently. A composite kayak has to be stored upside down or on its sides; a canoe also needs to be stored upsidedown.
  • It is also essential that you store or hang them using appropriate equipment. You can not just hang using a rope without any rest in the bottom. So, as you buy a kayak, make sure to purchase the hanging equipment, too, and also ensure that you secure the racks.

Now that we are done with how to? Let us move on to where to?

Where To Store Kayak Outside In Winter?

If we are honest with you, it is not best to store your kayak outside during winter as many factors may damage it. However, there are ways in which you can store them in a way that they will not get as damaged as they would if you just let them hang outside.

  • Make sure you store it in a place where the kayak will not get buried in snow. Just like snow, you also need to protect your kayak from all extreme calamities like the heat during summer. Also, endure that it is away from trees that might fall on it as it may cause some real damage to it. Cover your kayak using a strong cover.
  • You can use a plastic cover; however, there are chances that it will become brittle in the cold, and other fabrics will get soaked in the weather and make it worse for you. So there is not really a 100% win-win situation here. You can try using a water-resistant fabric.

Additional Tips

  • Do not store your kayak on the floor! Always use the rack that comes with the kayak to store it.
  • Apply a weather protection layer to your kayak to make sure it does not get smashed as the weather changes.
  • Remove any hatch or neoprene covers that you have so that the hatches are exposed to the open air.
  • You can use a cockpit to the kayak as this will be an effective method to keep away the animals.
  • It is very important to regularly maintain and clean your kayak at all times.
  • If there are some small repairs, do not leave them unattended as it may lead to a bigger problem and make you spend more than you might need. So, the lesson here is to not overlook anything that your kayak needs to ensure a safe and well-maintained one.
  • Give your kayak a proper wash every once in a while using soap and lukewarm freshwater. It is best to clean both your kayak and its accessories before and after the kayaking season, as this will give your kayak a thorough cleaning. However, it is also important you dry it out completely and spray a protectant to keep it safe.
  • Do not store any of the accessories like the seats, paddles, and other items in the kayak.
  • If you own an old kayak, then it is a must to regularly check the parts and keep changing them with new ones. This is a must as it directly relates to your safety, and kayaking can be a pretty dangerous sport at the time.
  • If you want to move your kayak somewhere, never drag it on the floor as it affects look by removing the polish and damages it. Instead of that, you can buy a kayak cart that you can use to move your kayak around.

We all wish our lives to be adventurous, and kayaking is one such sport that lets you be that way. Even though it has an element of danger, you can easily overcome it by using the proper techniques and appropriate maintenance. The tips mentioned above help you do just that! We hope you found this article about How to Store Kayak Outside in Winter helpful! Stay adventurous.

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